Strasburg Chamber of Commerce Strasburg, Virginia



Whether you are new to town, planning to move here, or are thinking of starting a business here, make sure you are, or will be, operating legally in the Town of Strasburg. Being a legal business in Strasburg does not end with just having your business license. If you have any signs, (building mounted, window signage, free-standing, sandwich boards, etc.) plan to expand, or wish to start a home business, you will need a permit.

Stop by the Town Office at 174 East King Street to discuss your needs. You may also call 540-465-9197, or e-mail Planning and Zoning Administrator Wyatt Pearson ( to get started. Wyatt can confirm if, and what, permits you will need to complete and help you through the entire process. Remember too, the Town of Strasburg does have two Historic Districts which require additional attention/permits if applicable.

Make a point of meeting Downtown Coordinator Felicia Hart ( to inform her as to what your business is and does. She can provide some terrific opportunities and recommendations regarding free marketing that the Town can provide (and others that you can do yourself). In addition, she can update you on financial and business training opportunities in our locality.

Also, if you are planning to open a restaurant or other food establishment, be sure to contact Tax Clerk Emily Ritenour ( to find out all the ins and outs of the meals tax - how much must be collected, when the tax is due to the town, what can happen if the tax is not turned in to the town, etc. Emily can be reached at the Town Hall (174 East King Street) or by calling 540-465-9197.

The Town of Strasburg wants you to be a success in your business - and we are here to help you get started correctly.